Lubbock is part of the Texas 20/20 Vision!

In 2014 the Lubbock church will have full-time leadership for the first time since 2003.  My wife Mary and I are currently in Arlington, Texas being trained by Mark & Connie Mancini to be able to come back & lead the Lubbock church in the Summer of 2014.  The 20/20 plan for Lubbock is for us to come back to Lubbock with a mission team to help support the church there.  We are praying for God to put Lubbock on the hearts of 10 spiritually mature married couples who will join us as we move back to do God’s work in a very religious yet still hurting city.

If Lubbock is on your heart, please contact me at

Your Brother in Christ,

Roddy Oaks

Texas 2020 Vision from DTV on Vimeo